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surveillance systems.

Keep An Eye On Things

Whether you're looking for a wireless security camera system or a 24-channel DVR with monitoring capabilities, Lewiston Digital, LLC has what you need to achieve not only maximum security, but maximum peace of mind. For people who need to secure an expansive area such as an office building or warehouse, we offer advanced all-in-one systems that include cameras and accessories. For people looking to secure a much more smaller space, we offer single cameras and two-packs.

Our cameras, recorders, bundles and accessories all come equipped with our trademark, professional-grade features. All of our products are simple to use in any environment, but manufactured with the highest engineering standards. With impeccable night vision, high resolution imaging and guaranteed reliability, you can have confidence in knowing that your security system is designed for absolute perfection.

As Always, We Keep It Affordable

We feel that you'll find our pricing competitive and we will not oversell you. The products and solutions we sell allow us a great deal of flexibility in meeting your particular security needs and your budget.

Cool Technology

In addition to recording your security footage, you can also view it via a web browser, via a smart phone app (iOS, Android), or on a monitor at your location. You can bee in the loop and on the go!

Talk To Us

Arrange for a free consultation by contacting us. We'll come out, evaluate your needs, and provide a free estimate.