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Lewiston Digital, LLC offers a wide array of consulting services to help you tackle your IT needs. From hardware and software to cloud services inegrations, we can help match you with the technology that solves your problems and meets your budget.

Uncrazy Yourself

Everywhere we go we hear "my computer is making me crazy!"  It doesn't have to be this way.  Humans and machines can peacefully co-exist and when that happens, a lot of good can come out of it!  Particularly for your bottom line.  We can work with you and your employees one on one to identify problems that may be causing you to do way more work than needed.  Computers are tools, and should be used as such.  If they are creating more work for you, you are using them incorrectly and we can fix that!

Starting New?

If you are starting a new small business or organization and don't know where to start with technology, contact us.  We can help you identify needs and help you plan for growth while keeping your budget in mind.

All too often, new businesses view technology expenses as something that is a "bonus" or unneeded.  In reality, wise investments in technology can be the best use of your start up funding and end up helping you achieve your goals in a shorter amount of time.


Lewiston Digital, LLC can provide consultating on what hardware best fits your needs, without recommending too much or too little.  We can also sell and install the your new gear to get you up and running quickly.  Whether it's laptops, desktops, networking, or any other hardware that you are in need of, we can work with you to get the job done as painlessly as possible.


Do you have software integration issues?  This software doesn't talk to that software.  This report needs data from here but I can't get it.  How do I get this information to work with this system?  We can analyze your software issues and help come up with a solution.  We can also assist you in moving from traditional desktop software to cloud-based SaaS solutions that can save you money and increase efficiency.

Secure, Reliable Off-site Storage

Lewiston Digital, LLC can provide you with fast, reliable, and secure storage for your off-site backups. You can connect to this storage using any number of secure transfer protocols, such as SFTP, SCP, Secure WebDAV, and more. Our pricing is as follows:

$.85/GB up to 24GB, then further discounting applies.

Backups & Disaster Recovery

You should be paranoid. 

Everyday, you work so hard to grow your business and amidst the day-to-day operations, there is a looming risk that you face. What would happen if your server's drives failed? What would happen if your computer failed? What would happen of your building (where you keep those oh-so-unreliable backup tapes) caught fire?

These questions aren't meant to frighten, but they certainly can. Your data is one of your most important and irreplaceable assets and you should make sure it's safe. Lewiston Web Solutions can work with you to develop of a backup procedure and disaster recovery plan to help assure that in the event of misfortune, your loss and liability is minimalized. We utilized on-site disk-to-disk backup routines as well as off-site backups to make sure that your data is replicated, redundant, and secure.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you minimize your risks and sleep easier.

Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Planning is defined as planning which identifies the organization's exposure to internal and external threats and synthesizes hard and soft assets to provide effective prevention and recovery for the organization, whilst maintaining competitive advantage and value system integrity. In other words, what you do now to prevent catastrophe later? Obviously, technology can play a major role in how your organization would recover from events beyond your control. The misuse or poor execution of technology solutions can also put you are greater risk. We can work with you to develop and test technology portions of your overall business continuty plan. Beyond backing up your data, this may include asset replacement and/or relocation, communication challenges, business process documentation and design, and many other factors specific to your business.

Managed IT *NEW*

Lewiston Digital, LLC offers managed IT services to take the worry and unpredictability out of your business IT needs. Managed services means that instead of the typically break and fix model, we actively shape your IT environment and actively seek to keep you up to date with patches, updated, configuration changes, active monitoring, backups, planning and more. Learn more!